Subsea Fiber Faults in the APAC region (Investigating)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - connectv1
  • Server down: 

    Reason : Subsea Fiber Faults in the APAC region

    Around 07:00 UTC, we saw a small period of increased loss, due to increased traffic and congestion in the APAC region. This self-recovered and since then, we have not seen further periods of decreased performance. About two hours later, we experienced an unrelated issue in BLR1. We originally believed the impact in BLR1 to be due to this incident, but confirmed it was a separate issue. We apologize for any confusion.

    As a reminder, we expect periods of increased loss and latency to continue to occur, but they are normally short-lived, and most happen during APAC business hours due to increased traffic and congestion.

    We continue to await the fiber fault repairs and make traffic routing changes when available for better performance. We expect the situation to continue to improve over the coming hours as crews continue and complete work.

  • Date - 30/03/2023 11:45
  • Last Updated - 30/03/2023 11:47